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How do i contact Capitol North American?

Capitol North American can be contacted at: 1-800-343-5333.

How do I get my office furniture moved from one office on campus to another?

OIT will no longer pick up the following items to surplus: Computers (laptops, desktops, and servers), monitors, external hard drives (ex. Storage Area Network SAN or Network Attached Storage NAS) and printers. Delivery of surplus equipment, to the surplus warehouse, must be coordinated within the department or with Capital North American.

What is a Shipping Authorization Form?

Before calling for pickup, please be sure the Shipping Authorization Form is completed.

What is the Delivery Services Department?

Delivery Services consist of three main divisions; central receiving, the University mail center, and property control office. The Central receiving will receive materials and equipment; inspect items received for quantity, quality, condition and any special specifications as indicated on the purchase order and distribute the incoming packages. The mail center provides metered mail service for outgoing USPS mail and distribution of all incoming mail. The property control is responsible for the accountability of all university Fixed Assets.

If I have equipment that is on loan to me through an ELA and it is lost or stolen am I help financially accountable?

The department head makes the determination whether or not to hold the individual who the equipment is loaned to financially responsible or not.

If I purchase equipment on a grant do I still have to have it bar coded?

Yes, Equipment related to externally sponsored grants or research is subject to the procedures followed by the UNLV property control office and to other more stringent control procedures prescribed by the external sponsors. Any movements of this type of equipment should be approved in advance by the Office of Grants and Contracts.

Can I transfer equipment to another department?

By mutual consent, one department may transfer equipment to another department. In all cases, these transfers must be reported in writing to the Property Control department using a Property Movement Request (PMR) signed by both departments. If the proper forms are not submitted, the original department will retain responsibility for the equipment transferred.

Temporary interdepartmental loans of equipment (not to exceed 60 days) need not be reported.

Can I loan department equipment to a faculty/staff member or another institution?

Loans of equipment to not-for-profit and non-political entities may be made if it is determined to be in the best interest of the institution and the public good. All loans must be documented in writing, including which entity is responsible for maintenance, and approved by the President.

An Equipment Loan Agreement form (ELA) can be utilized for documentation of an equipment loan.

You can obtain an equipment loan agreement at the website listed below: ELA Form

Additionally, all equipment located at off-campus sites and used for institutional programs must be inventoried and maintained in the same manner as equipment on campus. If the institution does not control the site, written agreements must be in place with the organization that owns or controls the site.

How can I acquire stamps for my department?

The Mail Center will pick up stamps for departments who request them. The department must contact disbursements to obtain a check payable to US Postmaster. Subsequently the mail center will use the check at the post office to purchase the stamps for the requesting department.

Additionally, a P-card can be utilized to purchase stamps or the department can utilize the post office across Maryland Parkway located at 4362 S. Maryland Parkway.

When does Delivery Services receive incoming mail?

University Mail Center begins processing incoming U.S. and internal campus mail every morning at 7:30 am. The Incoming Mail unit processes the University's incoming and campus mail within 24 hours.